Monday, July 23, 2007

Feeling Blue: From Rust to Worse

Enhancing Our Curb Appeal

While working our house I couldn't help but feel annoyed by the old, rusty, brown door. I felt like the door was ruining our curb appeal.

I visited Eddie's Furniture and Furnishings in Fort Greene to find a salvaged antique door. Eddie's has one of the largest inventory of old doors in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a web site.

Eddie came by, took the measurements for the door frame and then we went back to his store. The door I chose was over 100 years old and had 10 layers of paint it. It definitely needed to be stripped and sanded before being put up.

I asked Eddie how long would it take to get the doors ready and he told me it would take three to four weeks. My heart sank--I thought, 'You mean I have to spend the next month with the this ugly old door?'

Cheap Solution:
Disappointed, I decided to paint the rusty door while waiting for Eddie to get the wood doors ready.

1.) 2 Cans of blue Rustoleum spraypaint
2.) Pack of dust masks
3.) Pack of disposable gloves

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
After spraypainting the old door a beautiful sky blue, on a bright Sunday afternoon, I felt satisfied. The same day a neighbor walked by and said "That's the ugliest blue door I've ever seen. Ick."

NEXT EPISODE: The New Doors Go Up