Friday, September 14, 2007

The New Doors Are Up

How to Make Old Doors Look New

We finally got the new doors up! After sanding and cleaning it, we added new hardware, locks and moldings around the door frame. We also had to adjust the glass.

The door fits the house perfectly. I took pictures of us putting it up but Mrs. Renovation accidently deleted my pictures.

It took Eddie about a few weeks to get these doors to me. They are over 100 years old and cost me about $1300. We paid a carpenter about $400 bucks to put them up...a steal, since we've heard that new doors like ours can run over $10,000 and sometimes the wood quality is inferior so it warps.

I think older doors are the best becuase they are:
1.) Typically better quality. (Which makes them easier to sand)
2.) Well crafted.
3.) Less likely to warp because the wood has already settled.

Eddie's Furniture is located at 224 Greene Ave, between Grand and Classon, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

NEXT EPISODE: Staining the Doors

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faithful said...

Please tell these are the doors. They are gorgeous! Do you know Eddie's hours? How much did those babies set you back?