Friday, September 28, 2007

Staining the Doors

After a day of sanding and wood puttying defects on the door, it is now ready to be stained. I had a buddy of mine, Mr. R, help me with sanding every inch of the door.
Once the door was ready for staining, Mrs. Renovation and I walked around the neighborhood looking at how different stains look. Jefferson and Hancock Avenues in Bedford Stuyvesant is a great place to do your research. This actually allows you to see how the stains look in real life as oppose to seeing them on color samples, which can sometimes be misleading.

After that, we went to Home Depot and our local harware store to look at the stains they carry.
We chose two Minwax stains, Mahogany Red 225 and Sedona Red 222. After testing the stains on a piece of wood, we decided that Sedona Red 222 was our color.

Next Episode: "Poly Prep"

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