Friday, March 21, 2008

New Cafe to Open On Nostrand & Halsey

Aida's Cafe de Java Coming to Nostrand

Just what the doctor ordered! A cafe on Nostrand close to the A train and a high traffic area. I was walking home the other night and noticed the awning for Aida's Cafe de Java on the corner of Nostrand Avenue between Halsey and Macon Streets.

Since it was late I wasn't able to interview anyone, but according to the awning Aida's will provide imported gourmet coffee and teas. Contractors were working till the weee hours of the night.

Looks like it'll be opening soon. I'll definitely be there happily ordering cups of tea for myself and Mrs. Reno.

With all the foreclosures in Bed-Stuy right now is this what the area needs? Does the coming of Aida's Cafe make this section of Bed-Stuy more desirable?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Buy, Sell or Hold?

Should I buy, sell or hold?
Barbara Corcoran answers homeowners’ questions and talks about the latest in the housing market.