Friday, March 21, 2008

New Cafe to Open On Nostrand & Halsey

Aida's Cafe de Java Coming to Nostrand

Just what the doctor ordered! A cafe on Nostrand close to the A train and a high traffic area. I was walking home the other night and noticed the awning for Aida's Cafe de Java on the corner of Nostrand Avenue between Halsey and Macon Streets.

Since it was late I wasn't able to interview anyone, but according to the awning Aida's will provide imported gourmet coffee and teas. Contractors were working till the weee hours of the night.

Looks like it'll be opening soon. I'll definitely be there happily ordering cups of tea for myself and Mrs. Reno.

With all the foreclosures in Bed-Stuy right now is this what the area needs? Does the coming of Aida's Cafe make this section of Bed-Stuy more desirable?


Anonymous said...

Yes I think this a great for the area.. We could use 10 more places like this

Anonymous said...

just in time for my arrival... i move to madison & nostrand this wknd...

Anonymous said...

I am looking to purchase a condo
in the area, the neighborhood
still seems not too different
from 17 yrs ago when I moved to Nyc
in 1990. Im shellshocked as I am being priced out of Lefferts Gardens.
Any thoughts about prospects of
the Nostrand/Halsey bringing major
stores/shops/cafes etc in future.

Mr. Renovation said...

Anonymous @ 11:28PM, Bedford Stuyvesant has changed a lot within the last couple years. Six years ago there weren't many cafes or little restaurants in the area, but today there are several. In the last year alone, four cafes and restaurants have opened up around Nostrand Avenue, including Folukie, Tiny Cup and now Aida's cafe. Bushbaby was one of the pioneers in the area, although it's on Fulton Street--but they've been selling coffee and teas at their location for almost five years.

A couple years ago, Bedstuy became an empowerment zone, and with this designation came an influx of money to support new local businesses and to complete the work at Restoration Plaza where there are several banks, restaurants, a huge supermarket and an Applebee's. The result has been a lot more traffic on Fulton, and a lot of creativity in some of the new businesses in the nabe. There's an art gallery, and even a wine shop now.

At the same time, Bedstuy, especially the areas around Nostrand Ave., is being rejuvenated by an influx of young-ish college graduates who have begun renting apartments in brownstones. You may not see it fully, but they are helping to revive and encourage the improvement of the commercial strips in the neighborhood. Of course gentrification is in full swing there, but it's a little more measured--its seems like economics are pushing white, Latino, black and Asian families to Bedstuy. At least we're seeing more diversity.

Bed-Stuy's transportational infrastructure is great. You have several buses that criss-cross the area, plus the A, C, G and S (shuttle) trains.

So, my slightly long-winded point is, Bedstuy is changing, a lot and quickly.

Anonymous said...

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