Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halsey Street Reno: Garden Level Kitchen

Like I mentioned before, the garden floor of our Halsey Street brownstone was a challenge. Fortunately, it was easy to renovate the kitchen, because the former owner left the appliances and cabinets intact, giving us a pretty good idea of how the kitchen should be designed. Mrs. Reno thought that we should keep a similar layout, but that we should extend the cabinet space across the length of the kitchen wall and add more top cabinets. Our mason, R., came through to spruce up the walls with a skim coat and some new paint. Three weeks later, voila! We had new walls and a new leash on the kitchen. Our cabinets came from Bratchi out on Foster in East Flabush. Their cabinets never fail to make a lasting impression on potential tenants.

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