Saturday, December 15, 2007

Inside 83 Halsey Street

Garden Level Condo: $625,000

A couple pictures of the Garden level condo at 83 Halsey Street.

Two bedrooms and two small bathrooms, plus access to half of the backyard. Each apartment has its own water heater and boiler. Do you think this is worth $625K?


fisher6000 said...

I love Bed Stuy but no, to answer your question, this is not worth 625K!

I bought my brownstone for 610K, and am mortgaging a little over 500K at the (now dreamy) 6.75%. That puts my monthly bill to Wells Fargo just under $3600.

Add the almost $400 in maintenance/building fees to my monthly mortgage, and you've got a little under $4000 to live in a garden apartment in Bed Stuy.

You can rent this for $1200 a month. WTF?

(by the way, I am a longtime listener, first time commenter... thanks Mr. R.)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - If the people doing these renovations would just take a second to let someone with a bit of design senibility to pick out some better (but not more $$) finishes....the world would be a better place