Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bed-Stuy's Best Pizzeria

Focaccino: "Quality Food for Less Money"

On an extremely cold winter day last year, Mrs. Reno and I were on our way to an open house on Greene Avenue between Bedford and Nostrand Aves, when the broker called to tell us that he was running late. It was about 6:30 p.m. and it felt about zero degrees outside. It was too cold to stand outside and wait, so we decided to kill some time by getting something to eat.

Those familiar with that stretch of Bedford Avenue know that it's pretty desolate. I suggested that we go to a bodega to get some tea and walk out the cold. While searching for a Bodega we noticed Focaccino Pizzeria & Espresso Bar. We had seen the restaurant before but figured it would close soon--upscale pizza on that block? Huh? Mrs. Reno was starved and decided to go in for a slice. We left thinking that Focaccino not only offers one of the best slices of pizza in Bedford Stuyvesant, but also a cool atmosphere, putting a twist on the typical pizza shop.

Focaccino opened its doors in February of 2007 and is owned by an israeli real estate broker named Shai Antebi. In an interview with Bed-Stuy Parlor's Monique Greenwood, Shai says his pizzeria offers the neighborhood, 'healthy and quality food for less money.' If you're a fan of thin crust pizza, Focaccino is your spot. Mrs. Reno loved the thin crust pepporoni while I loved the price: $1.50 a slice.

Click here to watch Monique Greenwood's interview with Shai Antebi.

Focaccino Pizzeria & Espresso Bar is located at: 1069 Bedford Ave Brooklyn , NY 11216 Phone: 718-622-2228

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