Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PLG Bathroom: The Work Never Ends

Three years ago I put a window in this cramped Prospect-Lefferts Garden bathroom. The bathroom had an ugly grey vent, with open storage space below. The vent was replaced with a small window; I kept the storage space, but added mirrored sliding doors.

Originally, in that space, there was a window about 45" X 32" wide. The original owners must have removed it, to create storage space in a house with only 3 closets on the first floor. After a long discussion about what to do with this storage, we decided to eliminate it and put a window back in that space. A window would allow for better circulation of air and light into the bathroom. We purchased the window from Windows We Are for $160.

Adding the right size mouldings around the window frame is just as important as the window itself. On this frame we used a 4" wide moulding which gives it a classic original look.

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