Monday, November 24, 2014

Halsey 4th Floor Reno: That Masked Stripper Strikes Again

When you are a stripper, people tell you that you can work magic with your hands. Especially when stripping off layers paint and caressing the curves on a piece of carved wood.

In this post, I will tackle the fourth floor fireplace and mantel.

As you can see the mantel and mirror are not original to the house. I purchased it for 80 bucks from Eddie's antiques on the corner of Green and Grand Avenues in Clinton Hill.

Oh, I also the mantel did not come with a mirror in the center; it was purchased from Bernie's glass on Fulton Street in Bedford Stuyvesant.

After putting up the mantel, two of my friends noticed that fireplace was missing something, so we added a piece of pine, to complete the mantel.

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